About Us

A Little bit about Outwaved Telecom and XZIT LTD.

XZIT LTD was founded in 2017 by our director who saw a gap in the market for an honest, fair and supportive VISP. And thus XZIT was born.

Our services are aimed at Small and Medium companies as we believe it is these types of companies that will be the ones to grow in there sectors as from our experience just like our selfs they are always innovating and keeping up to date with the latest sector changes.

We don’t just sell Broadband And Voip we also sell Pay Monthly Sims, Managed Webhosting, Managed domains and much much more!

We truley believe we are a one stop shop for all IT Services

In 2019 we decided to change our name to Outwaved Telecoms for the IT Side of XZIT LTD we have grown in the last few years and now we own Fast Planet Printing and PlusCRM. To ensure there was no confusion XZIT LTD took the directorship of all 3 companies which are all division of XZIT


What we have done for our community.

We may just be a small company but we like to make a big impact especially within our local community.

We have previously supported Start Ups and Community Groups with Webhosting , Domains and much more.

We will soon be having a dedicated page so you can follow the groups and Startups we have supported!

Accreditations and Partnerships

It is important to us to ensure we are always at the top of our game and therefore we are always looking for new ways to learn and innovate.

We do this by:-

Forming partnerships with our suppliers so that our clients get the support they deserve.

Accreditation and training is also important to ensure we understand systems and policies so that we can support our clients to get the support from our teams who are aware of all the different systems we use.